Annual Guild Membership


Annual Guild Membership

from 12.50

Membership runs on a calendar year, January through December.
Family memberships are also available.

Membership benefits include:

  • Eligibility to attend Guild programs, workshops, materials gatherings, and other events

  • Subscription to the monthly newsletter, The Ultimate Weft

  • Advance notice of annual Tidal Twinings Retreat

  • Eligibility to participate in study groups, committees, gallery shows, and displays

  • Eligibility for the Guild's member grants program

  • Eligibility for Guild scholarships

  • Access to the Guild's resource library that includes a large selection of books, videos, tools, and molds

  • Voting at meetings and eligibility for leadership positions

  • Family memberships include eligibility for family members to attend classes, workshops, monthly programs, Basket Day, materials gatherings, retreat, and the Holiday Potluck. Family members can also participate in the Guild’s gallery shows.

  • Business Memberships ($35 / year) include use of the Guild's membership list to promote basketry-related products and events.

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